Spirit Matters


Spirit Matters

The rules of polite conversation dictate: Never talk about politics or religion. This is dogma in some circles, and should be in others. But I am hoping this site can address something I don’t see discussed much in the whole “getting kids outside” community: guiding childrens’ spiritual development. I understand that spirituality is typically considered a religious topic, but I don’t think it needs be.

The process of growing up includes developing a spiritual identity as much as — developing cognitive abilities or hand-eye coordination. While a lot of modern child-rearing is parceled out to the experts, spiritual development is still in the hands of parents. (Sunday school is just one morning a week, and even that is the prerogative of Mom and Dad.)

Time spent alone or with family outside in nature reminds us that there is something much bigger than ourselves. When the world is whittled down to a car seat and the inside of the house, it’s easy to forget that. Whatever your faith tradition, nature can prove a springboard for deep conversation and deeper contemplation.


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