Quick Ideas


A Few Quick Ideas

Here we offer a simple list of quick ideas for stuff to do outside with your kids — or activities they can work at on their own. We add to this list all the time!

  1. Plan a Garden – Aside from BLTs made with fresh, homegrown tomatoes, the best part of gardening is the planning and planting, the watching and waiting. With young kids, start by talking about the kinds of things that grow in a garden. See if they can draw pictures of their favorite vegetables.
  2. Fly a Kite – Who doesn’t want to fly a kite? It’s a great way to let go of some stress, and there’s a lot to be learned from the spool end of a kite. And kite’s aren’t the only way for kids to take flight. Try a balsa-wood plane, a paper airplane, or a plastic glider.
  3. Build a Fort – You don’t need much to build a fort. Just some sticks will do, but you can mix it up by bringing out blankets and sheets, or ransacking the garage for old sheets of plywood and the short ends of 2x4s. The the building’s done, then it’s time for decorating!
  4. Design a Disc Golf Course – We have some great disc golf courses in our area. Unfortunately, they’re much too advanced for our kids. So we went a built a course in our own backyard. We let half the yard grow tall, then mowed creatively. Wide spokes radiating from the middle allow us to vary the course as we go.
  5. Create an Obstacle Course for Bikes – Grab some cones, pile up some dirt for a mini-ramp, and maybe buy some of the stuff they use to make lines on sports fields. Easy to draw a path through the grass and give kids an even better way to enjoy the bike.
  6. Make Some Tracks – Sure it looks cool on CSI, but it’s even in real life. Look around outside after a rain (when the ground is still holding tracks), find some animal tracks, and fill them with plaster of Paris. Hairspray helps the dirt keep its shape before pouring. Once the plaster is dry, you can bring the track home.



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