Soup for One?

soupCookbooks are a weakness of mine. I love all sorts. Earlier this year I was excited to receive a copy of The Soup Club Cookbook to review on our site. This blog is mostly about getting kids outdoors. There are lots of book reviews on here, but the rub is that the book has to have something to do with being together as a family–eating together, preparing food, growing food, etc. There is some potential for that with this book, so I wanted to give it a read.

More than a cookbook, this book is a guide to creating a soup club. With a soup club, friends, family, and neighbors can share the load of preparing weekday meals. Soup can be an easy meal, and it’s easy to make more than enough. For example, three families can each make one batch of soup every week, a batch large enough to share with the other two families. Pass around the jars, and everyone is fed for three nights (plus leftovers).

This book offers a fine collection of soup recipes with lots of practical advice on the best ways to transport soup, organize a club, etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a lot of interest in this idea. Everyone likes soup well enough, but few were interested in committing to cooking every week, let alone investing in soup jars and the like. Perhaps this is because I am a man and don’t have many relationships with other men who cook regularly.

In the final analysis, there are a lot of great ideas for soup here, but you really need a particular set of friends to use the book to its full advantage.




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