The Pizza Bible: A Review

Homemade pizzaA few years back my doctor told me it was time to improve my diet. “For example,” he said, “you need to take pizza right off the menu.” Of course, I love pizza, so moderation rather than total abstinence became the mantra.

When pizza became a “special treat,” it was suddenly terribly important that when we had pizza, we had good pizza. Of course, there’s only so much good pizza we can find locally. So I started trying make good pizza at home. I even took some classes and became proficient at a simple Margherita pizza and a so-so Chicago-style pie.

The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani, however, has opened whole new vistas for me in the kitchen. In addition to classic Italian pizzas, the book covers a breadth of regional styles that promises years of fun tossing dough.

Here in southeast Michigan, Buddy’s Pizza is legendary. Order a pan pizza nearly anywhere, and you’re tasting a Detroit tradition. So I was especially excited to find recipes for Detroit-style pizza.

All of these recipes are tweaked for the home cook. No need for a 900-degree pizza oven, though some basic tools (like a pizza peel) will come in handy.

So far I’ve not been too daring with the pies I’ve tried, but we’re looking forward to giving every one of these a go.



(I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.)




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