Bug Week

Kids in a Wagon - Nikki MacLeay, all rights reserved

Going on a Bug Hunt with KidsI am without my kids for several weeks this summer. While I waste these gorgeous summer days inside, writing like a madman, Grace and Tater are in Colorado with their cousin, Amelia. To keep order, their Aunt Nikki scheduled daily outings and even went so far as to give each week a theme. Rock on!

This week is bug week, and the kids are having a blast. There have been bug hunts, plastic bugs, workbooks with math lessons (featuring bugs!), a visit to the butterfly pavilion, and notebooks in which each kid can draw a picture of their favorite bug. Yesterday Grace actually touched a tarantula. I couldn’t even get her to pet a hedgehog a couple months back.

Here’s her official schedule of activities:

  • Monday — Pom Pom Critters from Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Tuesday — The Butterfly Pavilion, half-mile nature walk with journal to record observations, read Diary of a Spider
  • Wednesday — Make rock bugs and nature bugs. These are craft projects using found materials like rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.
  • Thursday — Make and wear bug masks. Watch bugs in a bug box using a magnifying glass and draw what you see.

I will be honest: Nothing like this has ever occurred to me. So I am sharing this here and thinking of themes for their return: Tree Week? Water Week? Bird Week? I am just getting started. And with the various resources available online, there are plenty of activities that will boost your efforts, such as adding math or reading into the mix.

I will share next week’s theme next week. In the meantime, what are your ideas?



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