Mental Health Kit:
Unstructured Play for Parents

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re just outside with the kids to supervise. No projects, no activities. They get to enjoy unstructured play, and you… you get to clean the garage. Well, not always. Maybe you bring a book. I do that. Other times I might mess around with Angry Birds on the iPod or walk around the yard picking up sticks. But often, I fall back on a few essentials to keep me entertained when I head outdoors.

It would be really great to find a box or pack that could hold these. Right now I just stack them up and carry them with me. Nothing too special here. “Set” is a game you can play with others, or yourself. It’s challenging and kind of fun. The Hohner Blues Harp can be used to pass the time or entertain the kids, and the Leatherman Tool is handy in a pinch, but also fun for whittling a branch or just general messing around.

I guess in a way, these tools allow me a chance for some unstructured play too.




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