A Review of Camping Books

Last weekend we took our two kids (4 and 1) out camping. Just one night at a state park, no more than 20 miles away. I can say with certainty: Camping with kids can be a lot of work. Here are a couple of books I’ve been reading to help make the activity a bit more efficient and enjoyable. While I haven’t put all this great info to work yet, we will on our next adventure!

Car Camping for Everyone by Mary and Bill Burnham

If you’ve never gone camping, what’s stopping you? You need just a couple things to start: gear and know-how. Gear can be tricky, but fair-weather tents are cheap enough and it’s pretty easy to find a place that will rent the stuff you need. Know-how, however, is as close as your local bookstore. The Burnhams have pulled together everything you need to know to have a great time in the woods—from the gear you’ll need, to preparing meals, to different games to keep everyone entertained.

Camping with Kids by Goldie Gendler Silverman

The previous book has a nice section on camping with kids, but for the whole story turn to Camping with Kids. Silverman has been the expert on camping with kids since she first published Backpacking with Babies and Small Children in 1975. A few years back her publisher asked if she would take a look at car camping with kids and here you have it. She includes a lot of great information. Turn to this book for menu ideas and ways to teach kids woodcraft. Throughout the book you will find call-outs with helpful tips from experts.



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