Rainy Days Are For the Birds… and Flowers and Trees

It’s been raining here off an on for over a week now. That and the 50-degree weather, it’s a real hypothermia-fest out there. So what’s a family to do? Instead of spending a lot of time outside, I’ve been talking to Grace and Tater about the spring rain and all the green we’re seeing everywhere. Gracie turns four and a half this month. It’s a milestone she’s been keeping careful track of. She was asking about it every day. Several times a day, actually. And, in all honesty, it was getting downright annoying. My wife, in a stroke of genius, told her that she would be four and a half when the trees showed their buds. For well over a month, Grace has been inspecting every tree we pass, searching for the buds. And then all of a sudden, last week, the trees just exploded with leaves. Very spectacular!

Since then, we’ve watched the flowering bushes and ornamental trees blossom and then lose their flowers in the rain. Smaller flowers has started to bloom around the edges of our landscaping, such as it is.

Then there are the birds and animals. The pregnant robins and mourning doves, goldfinches and cardinals. The turkeys (the photo above is from Grace ‘n’ Tater’s grandparents’ yard), squirrels, and rabbits. All skittering and flitting around the yard. In the morning, I crack a window in the kids’ rooms and let in the cacophony of chirping from outside.

Spring has sprung, finally. And even the rain can’t douse our enthusiasm!



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