Flowers for Mom

A dad’s job for Mother’s Day is to find a gift his kids can make and give to their mother in appreciation for all the junk she has to put up with all year. Thankfully for many of us dads, grandmothers need projects too, which moms often oversee. So if you’re lucky, you can watch your wife pull together some resources and piggy-back on that a little.

I queried my network of awesome parents on Facebook, and came up with a great list of crafty projects you can do with your kids. Here are a couple of their ideas:

“Pre-cut tulips and stems from construction paper (egg carton sections) and other flowers if you can. Glue them to a paper plate for a garden.” –Michelle

“Our pre-K just made water-colored flowers and a vase. Trace both hands twice—paint, cut out when dry, attach to pipe cleaners, trace a vase shape, paint, cut out, attach to other end of pipe cleaners. We also paint both our hands with tempera paint and print on a piece of paper so thumbs are touching—you want it to look like a butterfly—then they add details and background with markers. Then they attach a poem they wrote about Mom below. :)”–Jeannie

“Make stepping stones. You can buy the whole kit at Michael’s. It comes with the cement, jewels, and you can even by letter stamps to stamp in the cement. I love the ones my kids made me.” –Amy

“Last year my son made me a bouquet of flowers made out of egg carton cutouts and pipe cleaners. They were in a clear bottle that had pastel tissue paper glued on like papier-mâché. It was cute.” –Yvonne

Friends also listed a couple of great websites for finding even more crafts:

MotherDayCentral (a collection of crafts from around the Internet)

Perpetual Preschool (good ideas from other parents)

North of Boston Library Exchange (great collection of projects!)

We followed the links and eventually landed on a Disney FamilyFun page and a project they call Flower Power. This little bouquet of handmade flowers, cut from paper, folds up flat and can be mailed. (Grace’s finished flowers are there on the left.) This is perfect for the grandmother and great-grandmother we have living at a distance. Another idea, and one that fits in with the theme of this site, are Paper Blossoms. You will need to go outside and collect some long thin branches. Sticks and twigs seem to be strewn everywhere this time of year, so it should be easy to find them. Along the branches you glue tissue paper flowers for nice effect.

Now that the kids are set, I just need to figure out what I am going to do for Mother’s Day. Do you think mom will go for tissue-paper carnations?



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