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Nature Centers

By | March 1, 2017

Say what you will about 2016; it was a pretty good year for me. Early in the spring, I pitched a book idea to Adventure Publications about Michigan’s nature centers and preserves, and wouldn’t you know they liked it! So I spent the the spring and summer traveling around the state with my kids looking […]

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Owls: The Book

By | March 12, 2016

Owls: Our Most Enchanting Bird does a couple things well, and one not so well, but the latter might just be a matter of expectations. We buy books like this for one reason: to read to the kids. In one sense, Owls has a lot going for it. It’s a book about nature, what Tater […]

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Soup for One?

By | October 6, 2015

Cookbooks are a weakness of mine. I love all sorts. Earlier this year I was excited to receive a copy of The Soup Club Cookbook to review on our site. This blog is mostly about getting kids outdoors. There are lots of book reviews on here, but the rub is that the book has to […]

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The Pizza Bible: A Review

By | January 23, 2015

A few years back my doctor told me it was time to improve my diet. “For example,” he said, “you need to take pizza right off the menu.” Of course, I love pizza, so moderation rather than total abstinence became the mantra. When pizza became a “special treat,” it was suddenly terribly important that when […]

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Finally, a Book for Us Good-Looking Folks!

By | October 24, 2014

We’re a handsome family, I am not too humble to admit. And though we take a mighty fine picture from time to time, when I see amazing family photos on Pinterest, I feel judged… Ha! No. I don’t feel judged. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I simply assume that all these families with great […]

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The Nourished Family

By | September 10, 2014

nourished kitchen by jennifer mcgruther

Once again I return to write a quick book report. There are a couple more in the works, so if you enjoy reviews of new books, stay tuned. But for now, permit me to turn your attention to The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther. Food culture in America is a complex thing, borne of a […]

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Pioneering? Kinda

By | August 20, 2014

modern pioneering review

There’s a book I have that I love. It’s called Country Wisdom & Know-How. The tag line is “Everything you need to know to live off the land.” It’s brilliant. Everything about the book screams utility. Its trim size is 13.5 by 10.5 inches, that is to say, this thing will NEVER rest on a […]

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Shakespeare Matters

By | July 23, 2014

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows. Ken Ludwig kicks off his book, How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, with the first line from the bard’s comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. From the very start Ludwig emphasizes the book’s approach, that is to get kids (and parents) memorizing Shakespeare. The author rightfully compares […]

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Vegan before Six O’Clock?

By | July 6, 2014

mark bittman

The easiest posts are reviews of books and gear, and since I’ve been slacking on here a bit, I thought I’d share a recent cookbook we discovered. Mark Bittman’s cookbook, How to Cook Everything, has been to me and my family what the Fanny Farmer Cookbook was to my parents. Come Thanksgiving, I am digging […]

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The Best Books I Didn’t Read in 2013

By | November 14, 2013

Nature books

We love telling you about a great book when we find one. Both of us writing on the site read quite a bit. What we never get around to sharing are the books we meant to read, or the ones we never quite finished even though they were quite good. To remedy this contrived shortcoming, […]

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Wilderness Wednesdays 1

By | September 18, 2013

John Muir was the founder of the Sierra Club. He died on Christmas Eve in 1914. He’d lobbied the government for what became Yosemite National Park. Thus, many call him the “father of the national parks.” When they made those statehood quarters awhile back, California’s featured John Muir. As such, and having been entertained lately […]

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