Have you read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv yet? How about Free-Range Kids or 50 Dangerous Things? These are the books that inspire us, and motivated us to start this site. Our goal is to raise our children to be independent, competent, and confident, and that kind of kid is the result of parents who get their kids outside and give them room to grow.


The rules of polite conversation dictate: Never talk about politics or religion. This is dogma in some circles, and should be in others. But I am hoping this site can address something I don’t see discussed much in the whole “getting kids outside” community: guiding childrens’ spiritual development. I understand that spirituality is typically considered a religious topic, but I don’t think it needs be.

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Here we offer a simple list of quick ideas for stuff to do outside with your kids — or activities they can work at on their own. We add to this list all the time!

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